JM-210 automatic opp tape slitting rewinding machine

This machine could slit and rewinding the opp tapes .



JM-210 automatic opp tape slitting rewinding machine

1.Application field:

bopp tape slitting machine is suitable for BOPP/OPP adhesive/Glass paper tape/cellophane paper with high speed.


1. Crowned stretch roll: adopt “pulling flat board” device to eliminate the corrugated phenomenon in the course of sending materials of adhesive tapes.

2. centralized control panel for easy operation. Control operation speed by variable frequency and variable speed.

3. three-step length setting provides extremely smooth rewinding operations to give accurate rewinding length.

4. Automatic four-shaft exchange is adopted. Once rewinding operation is completed, the machine will automatically perform shaft changes.

5. Pneumatic braking is to control the unwind tension. The rewind tension is controlled by the clutch and independent slide setting for free adjustment of the tensile force.

3.Technical parameters:


Effective width1300 mm1600 mm
Max. unwind diameter800mm800mm
Min. slitting width12mm12mm
Max. rewind diameter(shaft1″) exchange 4 shafts75mm75mm
Max. rewind diameter(shaft3″) exchange 4 shafts200mm200mm
Max. rewind diameter(shaft3″) exchange 2 shafts300mm300mm
Machine speed0-180m/min0-180m/min
Slitting blade0.2×22×60mm0.2×22×60mm
Main power5.5KW5.5KW