JM-650T precise roll laminating machine

This machine supports roll materials laminating ,one of them must be adhesive inside the inner roll .we also could customized one shafts for discharging roll if your material needs one .



JM-650T precise roll laminating  machine


1.Auto meter counting function, it will stop running after it reaches the setted length.

2.Unwinding tension is controlled by magnetic brake, rewinding tension is controlled by magnetic clutch.

3.The pressure of laminating rollers are controlled by air cylinder ,adjustable .

4.High precision, fast speed and easy operation.


One kind of glue-based material + one kind of non-glue based material.

Two kinds of film materials can be laminated by electrostatic adsorption

 Main Technical Parameters

Max.web with650mm
Max.unwinding diameter500mm
Laminating speed60m/min
Laminating precision±0.3mm
Motor power0.75kw