JM-701 automatic log roll cutting machine

This machine could cut adhesive roll material into small rolls .



JM-701 automatic log roll cutting machine 

Single shaft   Fiber tape cutting machine, Duct Tape cutting machine, kraft tape cutting machine

ROLLER WIDTH1300mm/1600mm



1. Main driving part: Taiwan AC motor with inverter is employed.

2. Central control unit: programmable central control is used and 20 sizes can be set on the same shaft for auto transfer and cutting.

3. Operating panel: all functions are operated on the 10.4″ Taiwan EVIEW LCD touch panel.

4. Motor control system: the central control system is PLC programmable controller.

5. Cutting positioning system: cutting positioning is controlled by Mitsubishi servo motor. The imported high precision ball screw is applied to set the size and the linear slide rail is to bear the load of the cutter seat.

6. Blade feeding positioning system: blade feeding is controlled by Mitsubishi servo motor, and the cutting speed is adjustable in three stages.

7. Auto angle adjustment of circular blade: Mitsubishi servo motor is used to calculate the circular blade angle and the angle change is subject to different materials (the angle change range is ±8°).

8. Quick shaft change system: three kinds of shafts are available and quick change of shafts is applied for different materials.
Optional Parts

1. Other size cutting shaft: It can be made as per the required core I.D.
2. Cutting supporter: For supporting log roll when cutting core below 38mm.
3. Auto blade grinder: It can keep the blade sharp for easy operation.

4. Safety cover: To protect operator during the production which is compliant to the CE regulation.


1. Warranty for machines is 12 months and lifetime maintence.
2. A promptly reply within 24 hours.
3. Free usage training before delivering machines in factory.